Who is Stealing My Signs?


These videos are great.

In the Month of August, 2004, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,

2 Kerry Edwards,

1 Regime Change Begins at Home: Vote Out Bush Cheney, and

1 American Flag were stolen from my yard.

I decided to booby trap my one remaining sign. I set up a video camera to find out who was stealing my signs. Three nights in a row, August 28, 29, 30, in the early morning hours, attempts were made.

Oh he has a blog about it too.

1957 Atomic Revolution Comic


Even if you don’t like comics this is interesting.

I found this wonderful thing (scroll down beyond introduction) completely by accident on a very lucky day at an estate sale earlier this year. As far as I can tell this comic book is, forgive me for using this term but it deserves it – unbelievably – unknown. I even showed it to some friends who collect peculiar comics like this and none of them had ever heard of it (and a couple offered, no, demanded I sell it to them on the spot, heh. sorry.) nor could I find any mention of it in books or on the web. So enjoying the idea that this is a discovery, I have posted it here. It’s certainly a very strange time capsule at the very least.

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More Disgraceful Toys


A few weeks ago somebody found some toys of a plane hitting the World Trade Center. This week the same company apparently is putting out toy cellphones with Osama bin Laden’s picture on it. From WFTV.com:

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Channel 9 has discovered another controversial toy. A local mother took a closer look at the toy and realized something wasn’t right. It’s a toy cell phone with a picture of Osama bin Laden on it with one word above it, “King.”

The toy cell phone is tiny, only about two and a half inches long, and the picture of bin Laden is even smaller. But it infuriated a Kissimmee mother.

Channel 9 has discovered there is a connection between this toy and another toy we’ve told you about.

Mechanical Version of Pong


This is pretty cool although one version of it is in German and it took me a few minutes to get AltaVista to translate the page. Then I noticed the little link up to that says “English Version”. Doh.

Pongmechanik is an absolutely physical game. The game is realized electromechanically, and essentially consists of four elements:
A relay computer, the mechanical movement with collision detection, the display and the acoustic components.