Are you better off now than 4 years ago?



Politicians lie, but numbers don’t. How does the economic record of Bush, Jr. (and Sr.) stand up against Clinton’s on Unemployment, Job Creation, the Stock Market, and the Budget Surplus/Deficit. No one statistic paints a true picture, but taken together, life under a Bush is dark and not very prosperous.

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  1. Yes, we know the 90s were good years, but in general, distrust time series with sudden steps like that. They are often indicative of changes in data gathering/analysis techniques.

  2. Take away the illusionary dotcom jobs propped up by ill concieved idea of funding companies with credit cards and then see what happens. Bad business practices combined with new technology is responsible for the rise and fall, not any government policy by the democrats or republicans.Unless you want to look at the democratic NAFTA bit

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