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Classic Anti-Piracy Ads


This solved the problem.

(via Waxy)

Tongue Twisters

Here is a site full of tongue twisters such as

The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.

The best part is they have tongue twisters in different languages. Check out this one from Rwanda.

Ibibiribiri bibiri biri mu murima wa Mubirigi. Hari umugabo wo kwica ibibiribiri bibibri!

(via The Presurfer)

Cleaner throws away trash art


This cracked me up:

LONDON (Reuters) – A cleaner at London’s Tate Britain modern art gallery threw out a bag of garbage which formed part of an artwork because it was thought to be trash, British newspapers reported Friday.

Criticism accepted! Oh this was my favorite part.

The newspapers said the spokesman would not reveal how much the bag had cost to replace.

Yep, I can see how a bag full of garbage would be hard to find.

Democrat or Republican

Can you tell if a person is a Democrat or Republican just from a picture? Take the quiz and see for yourself (They used photoshop to remove the horns from the republicans’ pictures so it is a bit more difficult)

Civil War Photos


Incredible site.

Over 1,000 Civil War Images, Photographs and Cartes de Visites including

Army Life, United States and Confederate Government Officers, Union and Confederate Generals and Soldiers, Civilians, Battle Field Photos, Casualties, Infantry Units, Cavalry Units, Artillery Units, Engineering Units, Navy Units and Vessels, Prisoners, Hospitals and Doctors, Factories, Quartermaster, Lincoln Assassination Conspirators and much more.

Seven Mile Boots


The project SEVEN MILE BOOTS is a pair of interactive shoes with audio. One can wear the boots, walk around as a flaneur simultaneousy in the physical world and in the literal world of the internet. By walking in the physical world one may suddenly encounter a group of people chatting in real time in the virtual world. The chats are heard as a spoken text coming from the boots. Wherever you are with the boots, the physical and the virtual worlds will merge together.

(via Eyebeam reBlog)

NASA Faked the Moon Landings

All the proof you need is here.

Hoovervilles or Bushvilles

When I read stuff like this, I am amazed that the polls are as close as they are.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Some 1.3 million Americans slid into poverty in 2003 despite the economic recovery, and children and blacks were worse off than most, the government said Thursday in a report certain to fuel Democratic criticism of President Bush.

The percentage of the U.S. population living in poverty rose to 12.5 percent from 12.1 percent in 2002, the Census Bureau said in its annual poverty report, seen by some as the most important score card on the nation’s economy and Bush’s first term in office. The ranks of the poor rose to 35.9 million, a boost of 1.3 million.

Health care coverage also dropped last year and incomes were essentially stagnant, the Census Bureau said in its annual poverty report, seen by some as the most important score card on the nation’s economy and Bush’s first term in office.

Movie Title Screens Page


Why you ask?

What good is it? Whatever use you put it to. Browse and admire title and logo designs, check out movies that have completely different titles in different release prints (see Battle of Britain or The Premature Burial for good examples), check out the differences in multiple releases of the same title (see Aliens or Invasion of the Body Snatchers for a good example), check to see just how “wide” is the widescreen (width/height=aspect ratio… and does it match the sleeve description?)… use the logo when designing a web page for your favourite movie…include the title screens in your video database… the possibilities are… well, not endless, but many! Please note that the aspect ratio shown is merely calculated from the image size and, although very close to the actual ratio, may not be 100% accurate.

Historical Maps Online



The intent of the Historical Maps Online project is to publish electronically the images of maps charting the last 400 years of historical development in Illinois and the Northwest Territory. Designed to appeal both to map aficionados and to educational institutions, the project aims to provide a broad spectrum of content, from expert scholarship of mapmakers and mapmaking to general knowledge about cartography and history.

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