Typewriter That Sends Email


This project is inspired by my mother’s frustration with e-mail and using a computer. She simply cannot relate to scroll bars, the mouse, control keys and so on. To explain to her that emailing can be as easy as writing a letter, I decided to make for her a typewriter that sends email. It is a regular portable typewriter, which has concealed electronics that automatically sends the typed letter as an email to the intended person when the letter is finished and pulled out of the machine’s carriage.

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An Open Letter

Dear Nail Clipping Woman on the 7:30am Train to South Station

I am sure you have been to the finest finishing schools that money could buy but you may have been absent the day they taught public grooming etiquette so let me fill you in.

The commuter train may not be the best place for you to be clipping your nails. I know that we all run a little short on time in our rush to get out the door in the morning but that doesn’t mean you can make that time up on the train doing things that should be done in the privacy of your own bathroom.(ie shaving, clipping nails, etc) I think I speak for the whole train, including the woman who was sitting in front of you being bombarded by the dead keratin shrapnel you were creating with fury.

I appreciate your efforts at ceasing this disgusting habit and am sure the man next to you who was looking at his coffee wondering if it had been contaminated with your disgusting flying nail debris appreciates the effort also.

Yours Truly,

Opening Hooks

What a great idea for a website.

The idea behind this site is simple, to compile as large a collection of great opening hooks from as many titles, authors, and genres as possible. Of course, what makes a great opening sentence or paragraph is subjective, but we know it when we read it. This database will allow readers to share their favorites with each other and provide writers a chance to see what a readers look for in an opening sentence.

I will give you an example:

“”The worst thing about knowing Gary was dead was seeing him every day at work.””
from The Silicon Mage by Barbara Hambly

How can you not want to read that book now?
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New Overtime Rules

I have looked this over a little and it basically looks like office workers are the ones getting shafted. Oh and of course IT workers. And people wonder why I would never vote for Bush.

Rule 1: Almost all employees who make less than $455 a week ($23,660 a year) are eligible for overtime. The old rule set overtime for anyone who made less than $250 a week. The new rule applies whether the employee is blue collar or white collar, or whether they supervise people of not. The exception for this rule is teachers, doctors and lawyers. They do not get overtime, no matter what they are paid.

Now the bad news:

Rule 2: Any employee who earns more than $100,000 a year is ineligible for mandated overtime, period.

Rule 3: Any employee who earns between $23,660 and $100,000 a year, and who is in most executive, professional, or administrative positions, is not eligible for overtime. This does not, however, apply to salespeople. They are still eligible.

Rule 4: Managers are not entitled to overtime if they oversee two or more people and have the authority to hire, fire, or recommend that someone be hired or fired.

Rule 5: Administrative employees who have decision-making power and run some sort of operation are not eligible.

Rule 6: Employees whose job requires imagination, invention, originality, or artistic or creative endeavors are not eligible for overtime.

Rule 7: Employees whose main duties are computer-related and involve the implementation, analysis, development, or application of computer systems or designs are also not eligible for overtime.

Rule 8: Sales staff that regularly work outside of the employer’s place of business are, you guessed it, not eligible either.

Rule #7 should have in parentheses (for the computer related jobs we haven’t outsourced yet). And yes, I am bitter.