Dog Diaper


Now, there is a solution to the problem of dog waste: a revolutionary dog diaper that will permanently transform dog care everywhere. The problem of dog waste in urban centers as well as in households is worldwide. A measure of the problem in urban centers is reflected in the canine laws, both in the U.S. and abroad, which impose considerable fines upon dog owners who do not “pick up after their dogs.” Furthermore, animal waste poses a health hazard in parks and other places when left uncollected. The Dog Diaper is fashionable, it has been patented (U.S. and worldwide) and has been successfully tested on several breeds of dogs. Dogs do not require training to use the diaper. The Dog Diaper is disposable, thus offering repeat business. It eliminates mess indoors and the unpleasant chore of picking up dog waste by hand outdoors. A video demonstration shows dogs using the Dog Diaper.


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