The Big Book of Sign Language, Updated.


For decades, mankind has longed to be deaf. Jet engines, auto horns, the dullification of modern popular music – any one of these things alone might be worth the price of admission to a wholly silent world. So how does one sign up? Reproduced for the first time since its initial printing in 1972, we are proud to present its revised, expanded, fully up-to-date illustrated manual of contemporary American sign language, sometimes referred to as “finger spelling”

The History of Phrenology


Phrenology was a science of character divination, faculty psychology, theory of brain and what the 19th-century phrenologists called “the only true science of mind.” Phrenology came from the theories of the idiosyncratic Viennese physician Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828).

So it was believed that by examining the shape and unevenness of a head or skull, one could discover the development of the particular cerebral “organs” responsible for different intellectual aptitudes and character traits. For example, a prominent protuberance in the forehead at the position attributed to the organ of Benevolence was meant to indicate that the individual had a “well developed” organ of Benevolence and would therefore be expected to exhibit benevolent behaviour.

Harry Potter and the Occult


“Irene Allen, co-owner of Little Professor, said she thinks the appeal of the books is the character’s Walter Mittyish transformation from an underdog to a skillful wizard.’ ” [Ibid] Thus, the first thing we know about Harry Potter is that he is an 11-year-old “skillful wizard” [practicing witch]. Not only do you NOT want to read these books to your children, you surely do NOT want Public School teachers assigning these books as required reading; but, Satan surely wants to condition your precious children to accept his values, his religion, and his worldview

Wasn’t it Harper Lee who said “A bible in one man’s hand is more dangerous than a gun in another’s.”