An Interpretation of Gilligan’s Island

This is pretty funny. It is titled: A Scholarly Critique of the Style, Symbolism and Sociopolitical Revelance of Gilligan’s Island.

The Skipper represents official government. His authority stems not so much from democratic election as from the traditional role and powers of a ship’s captain. This historical precedent seems to convey his right to leadership more than any personal characteristics or qualifications. The castaways rely on this symbolic “right” to leadership to unofficially consent to his capacity as governor.

Gilligan, the Skipper’s “little buddy”, embodies every extraneous governmental agency, policy and program ever foisted on innocent people anywhere. It is “Gilligan’s island.” Gilligan is well-intentioned. He sincerely wants to help. Gilligan saves no exertion, refuses no absurdity, respects no boundary in his unceasing efforts to solve, or at least soften, any and all of the everyday problems of the castaways. More often than not Gilligan is the problem. At best he makes a bad situation worse. At worst, he makes a great situation completely unbearable.