Art By Psychotics



The progressive escape of reality towards delusion is expressed in the pictures below. They have been painted by Louis Wain, an European artist in the beginning of this century. Since Wain was young, he used to draw and paint cats for calendars, albums, postcards, etc. When he became 57 years old, he was affected by schizophrenia, which overtook his life as well his art. The last 15 years of his life were spent in psychiatric institutions. His cat’s paintings started to change and to show startling images. Quite revealing of his psychotic condition were the cat’s eyes. See how they become fixed with hostility, even in the earliest paintings, because the psychotic probably tends to think that the world is looking upon him in a menacing way. Another sign is the fragmentation of the cat’s body. They become altered in a strange way under the psychotic’s gaze, and almost always are represented as distorted and phantastic shapes

Meat Shakes


Sometimes you can’t figure out if a site is real or not. I looked at every page on this site and I still can’t figure out if it is a joke or a real place. I want to think that the Meat Shake site is a farce but I have a weird feeling that there is a place in California that sells meat shakes.
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The Berlin Wall


Here is an, um, interesting take on The Berlin Wall:

This site is dedicated to the Berlin-Wall. My very first love. I loved him since he was born (in 1961), and he still is very dear to me. But looking at photos of the Berlin Wall didn’t prepare me for when I first met him in 1977. Seeing him for real, being close to him, touching him…….mere words cannot describe my ecstasy. To me 9th of November 1989 was a catastrophe. Watching television coverage of my spouse being torn apart. I can never forgive them for doing that.

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An Analysis of the Batman Theme Song

Who knew the Batman song was so deep?

Fourth verse: Batman
A return to the intonation of the first and second verses—a fall in pitch from the previous verse—represents the cyclical nature of the existence of Batman. Batman is not immune to the powers of the universe and must bend at the whims of a higher power. Here Batman is depicted in a purely human sense, subject to all the chaos, turmoil, and struggle of mortal existence.

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Some things should not be put on the web for people to see. This is one of them.

I take very good care of my snuggle bear. I also call her my goose bear, baby bunny, and other pet names. She means more to me than anything I can imagine. Snuggle bear sells network storage solutions for Procom Technology in Santa Ana, California. I am the president of Network Security Laboratories, Inc., in Bethesda, Maryland.

Snuggle bear takes good care of me too. She makes certain I do not eat too much dairy food, since I have a lactose intolerance and it makes me burp. I make certain that she does not sneak too many chocolate peanut butter Funny Doodles while I’m not looking.

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The First Atomic Clock Wristwatch



The definition of a wrist watch is a time piece that can be worn on the wrist, no? Below is my brother-in-law, Bill, a professional construction contractor, proving that a HP 5071A Cesium Beam Primary Frequency Reference can in fact be used as a wrist watch. You have a choice in stainless steel or adjustable nylon band. Bill’s model below has a fashionable double nylon band. Other colors are available by special order.