Rubberstamped Money


Isn’t this illegal?.

A couple of years ago I became aware that ordinary people have been using currency to spread ideas.

I had received a few I GREW HEMP bills, but was awhile before it dawned on me that people were actually using cash as a communication channel.

Some bills advertise political opinions. Others share highly personal messages, I suppose many of which are in-jokes. And some are probably just artistic creations.

Are you kidding me?

Read this:

WHAT do you give someone who’s been proved innocent after spending the best part of their life behind bars, wrongfully convicted of a crime they didn’t commit?

An apology, maybe? Counselling? Champagne? Compensation? Well, if you’re David Blunkett, the Labour Home Secretary, the choice is simple: you give them a big, fat bill for the cost of board and lodgings for the time they spent freeloading at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in British prisons.

(via The Presurfer)