The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were


They might be going a bit far when they say greatest.

Maybe you can’t always judge a book by looking at its cover, but you can often judge an album by its cover. The cover art of a record or CD has always been an integral part of portraying the image and the essence of the recording artist. Documented by many books, record cover art has become an art form in itself, above and beyond the music inside the jacket. Many renowned artists have shown their love for this medium by creating covers for their favorite musicians.

Skyglow/Light Pollution


I might have to move out to the midwest to do any astronomy from the looks of it.

Experimental image modeling light pollution in the continental United States. This is based on the location and population (1990 census) of significant U.S. cities and towns (over 50 population). As the program is made more efficient, I hope to be able to include more smaller towns and perhaps rural population. I may include 2000 census (and Canadian) info once it becomes available in a list of town lat, lon, & population.