The 50 Worst Funeral Eulogies

Some of these might liven up a funeral:

  • Death is not an end, but a beginning. Specifically, the beginning of an eternity of black nothingness.
  • He had many hobbies, and he was very proud of them. He had that rarest of gifts: the ability to find the beauty and artistry in the hardcore amateur farm porn he shot with his Super 8 over at Oakville Community Stables.
  • I’ll never forget the last time I seen him. He was all, “Betcha $50 I can wrestle a ‘gator.” And I was all, “You’re on!”

(via The G Spot)

WWII Japanese Handgun Website


This website has pictures and information regarding Japanese handguns used in World War II, in particular the Type 26 revolver, Grandpa & Papa Nambu, Baby Nambu, Type 14 Nambu, and Type 94. It is intended primarily as a comprehensive introductory data source for the new or non-specialist collector, but in time I hope it may evolve into a source that even experienced collectors consult.