February 2004
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Day February 6, 2004

Plug n Pray Religions


Changing religions has never been so easy!!

Spot the Fake Smile Quiz


This quiz shows you 20 people smiling and you have to decide who is faking and who isn’t. It is kind of tricky. I pride myself in seeing through people and figuring out who is faking. I also worked for 2 years in a human resource department of a large supermarket in New England so I pride myself in knowing people. So how in the world did I only get 11 out of 20 right?? No wonder I went back to school for computers.

Oldest Miniature Railroad


The Fairplex Garden Railroad is considered the oldest and possibly the largest miniature railroad of its kind in the United States and possibly the world. The railroad began as a special static exhibit for the third Los Angeles Fair in 1924. It soon became a small, hand built, operating miniature train, in true 1/2 inch scale. The small railroad continued to grow and in 1935, moved out of the Fair’s tent to its present 100X300-foot outdoor location where it remains today.


Mona Lisa Smiles


Put different expressions on the Mona Lisa.
(via Burp)

Apology Generator

Love, marriage, and relationships can be difficult. Sometimes, all it takes is an apology. I’ve resorted to using this simple form for all my butt-kissing needs.

Yep, this will work.
(via Bifurcated Rivets)

Tour of an Abandoned Missle Silo


I am ending my “abandoned” theme week with this. A tour of the skeletal remains of a cold war weapon.
(Thanks Paul)

Radar for Parallel Parking


Cool but overkill.

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