Welding Helmets


Conceived and designed by field welders, all of our hoods accept a variety of lenses and head gear configurations and can be easily outfitted with the very latest field options. The light weight, heat resistant base material of our hoods insures comfort and safety while on the job — and any one of our helmet designs is sure to attract the attention of co-workers.

Imaginary Girlfriends on EBay

This is pretty weird.

Are you tired of being alone and your friends and family thinking that you are gay or just can’t get a girlfriend. If so, then I am the woman you are looking for.

I will write you a letter a week for two months sprayed with my personal fragrance. I will send you a few pictures of myself. I am a decent girl and I would prefer not to write nasty letter but this can be discussed after the auction ends. I would rather write letters about myself and my dreams. That way you can show the letters to your family and not have to hide them. :o) I will also try and send 2 emails a week to you. At the end of two months you are free to dump me as you please or we can remain friends. I do however want to be clear that in no way does this auction make me your REAL girlfriend. In the end you are free to just forget about me or keep in touch by email. I will have an email set up just for this auction
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Should Exist

ShouldExist is a tool. It subscribes to no belief systems or political agendas. As a tool, it’s seeks only to perform a function and perform it well: Combine good ideas, donations from the public and people willing to work as volunteers or for living wage towards building prototypes of things that would make the world a better place.

The Beast of Gévaudan


Creature depicted as a gigantic wolf-like quadruped (witnesses reported it as big as a donkey or cow) that over two hundred years ago terrorized people in southeastern France by killing men, woman and children. Many explanations — mutant, prehistoric beast, demon, very large baboon, etc. — were put forward at the time and during the two centuries since, but none has ever been generally accepted. One thing is certain: sufficient evidence remains to prove that ‘La Bête’ — French for ‘The Beast’, as the creature became known — really did exist and was not just a myth.
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Save Martha!


A group of Martha Stewart fans got together and decided the kind of negative coverage in the media of top female executives that we’ve seen recently deserves a response. Savemartha.com is a place to address this concern and to ensure that we preserve due process while this investigation goes on. Fans of Martha need a place to come and voice their opinions and concerns

Last time I posted a website defending a celebrity it got a lot of response. (Almost all of my email was pro Michael Jackson. There wasn’t much logic, grammar or spelling to them either but that is another story.)

Stella Awards

Awards for ridiculous court cases such as:

Shawn Perkins of Laurel, Ind. Perkins was hit by lightning in the parking lot Paramount’s Kings Island amusement park in Mason, Ohio. A classic “act of God”, right? No, says Perkins’ lawyer. “That would be a lot of people’s knee-jerk reaction in these types of situations.” The lawyer has filed suit against the amusement park asking unspecified damages, arguing the park should have “warned” people not to be outside during a thunderstorm.