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Day January 27, 2004

African American not eligible for African American Award


Who didn’t see this coming? This is the problem with these silly awards that only one race (or ethnicity) is eligible for. He was born in Africa, isn’t he eligible? Oh, its just if you are black. What about if you are biracial? What if you are a quarter black? What if you are Dominican? Does that count?
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The Razzies


The Razzies are the awards for the worst movies/actors/acresses and so on. The list is out for this year’s Razzies. Here is the competition for Worst Picture

CAT-IN-THE HAT (Universal/Dreamworks/Imagine)
FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY (20th Century-Fox)
GIGLI (Columbia/Revolution)

The Empathy Belly


“The Empathy Belly”™ Pregnancy Simulator lets you know what it feels like to be pregnant! It is a multi-component, weighted “garment” that will — through medically accurate simulation — enable men, women, teenage girls and boys, experience over 20 symptoms and effects of pregnancy
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Jesus Pictures


This site contains photographs, and links to photographs, of Jesus and Mary collected from throughout the web. The purpose of this site is to document a phenomenon that has been occurring worldwide. The website is non-denominational, and people of all faiths are welcome!

They all look like the exact same picture though. Maybe that is the point?

Sideways Bicycle


Introducing a revolutionary bicycle that travels sideways. Front and rear steering.

That guy looks so uncomfortable!

Gargoyles of NYC


A collection of pictures of the gargoyles on buildings of NYC.

The Magic Cone

If you feel uncomfortable sitting on public toilets, Magic Cone is the best solution.


On the Implausibility of The Death Star’s Trash Compactor

The Death Star clearly has a garbage-disposal problem. Given its size and massive personnel, the amount of waste it generates — discarded food, broken equipment, excrement, and the like — boggles the imagination. That said, I just cannot fathom how an organization as ruthless and efficiently-run as the Empire would have signed off on such a dangerous, unsanitary, and shoddy garbage-disposal system as the one depicted in the movie.

Ummm Okay. (Ok I actually love anything star wars. Yep I know. Geek!)
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