Twisted Questions

There is a website devoted to twisted questions. For example:

Having led a wicked life, you are doomed to spend eternity in hell. The devil (quite a generous guy, once you get to know him) offers you a choice of punishments:

(A) To continuously push a heavy boulder up a steep slope. Your arms ache agonisingly all the time and yet you must keep pushing this rock for ever.

(B) To stand in the middle of a lake with luscious fruits hanging all around you. You are tormented with a great hunger and a burning thirst and yet the minute you reach out for a fruit it moves out of your reach. The minute you bend down to drink the water, the level of the water drops.

(C) Traditional punishment. You are thrown into a fiery pit where you spend eternity burning in an unquenchable fire.

So, which punishment do you choose?

I would choose anything other than (B). I have helped people move enough times that I know (A) would be annoying but not bad. I am sure after the first 10 minutes of (C) that you would become accustomed to it and it might even be fun. However if you have ever spent time with me waiting for them to call my name at a restaurant then you know what hell is!!
(via J-Walk blog)