November 2003
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Day November 12, 2003

Politician cooked wife on restaurant grill

From The Australian

India’s main opposition Congress party, which has pledged to get tough on crime against women, suffered a severe blow Monday when a court convicted a former party leader of killing his wife and burning her body in an open-air barbecue.

It goes on to say that he tried to dispose of the body by turning it into charcoal. For his defense he should just say that it was an accident and he didn’t think the police would believe him so he was just disposing of the remains. Hey, it works in Texas! (Thanks Paul)

Salon article on how Bush will ban abortions


Question: What’s missing from this picture?

Answer: How about a woman??

Interesting Salon piece.

Acts of Gord

A friend pointed this site out to me last year sometime. Gord owns a video game store where you can rent and buy games. Sometimes his customers get on Gord’s nerves. These are Gord’s stories.
(A friend pointed out that when you read it, try thinking of the voice of the Simpson’s character who owns the comic book store. I can’t read it now without hearing that voice. Thanks Jason)

The Carbon Crystal Scam

Here is a must read if you want to learn all about diamonds and how big of a scam they really are. De Beers hit upon the perfect formula. Have complete control of the market and then convince half of the population to have the other half buy it for you. INGENIOUS!!

More on Electronic Voting

Ooops. There was a problem with the Microvote software used to vote in Boone County. The vote showed 144,000 votes cast from a pool of 19,000 registered voters.

I guess the programmer put a decimal in the wrong place. hehe. Did they TEST IT??


Ok I admit it, I found this headline funny!!

Framingham man charged with stealing neighbor’s natural gas

Flag Burning

From the Boston Globe,

Retired Army General Wesley K. Clark, who has repeatedly decried the Bush administration for discouraging dissent, said yesterday he would support a constitutional amendment that outlawed desecration of the American flag.

This seems like a big mistake on Clark’s part. First of all, I don’t support such an amendment in the first place. Burning the flag is a form of protest. How can you call yourself a free country yet outlaw burning a piece of cloth (no matter what is painted on it. Be it a symbol of your country or a smiley face).

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