Jessica Lynch interview

Jessica Lynch gave an interview
that airs next Tuesday on "Primetime" about what really happened
to her in Iraq. Remember how the military’s story had her fighting bravely
until her gun ran out of bullets and her position was finally overrun
and she got shot and stabbed multiple times. Well it seems that it was
nothing more than a hollywood version of the events. Surprise surprise.
You knew something was up months ago when the medical reports that came
out showed that she wasn’t shot after all.

Lynch told Sawyer she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,
and that her gun jammed during the chaos. “I’m not about to take credit
for something I didn’t do,” she said.

My hat is off to Ms. Lynch for her honesty. Shame on the military for
trying to make her into a propaganda tool.

I have no problem with calling her a hero for serving over there. However
I don’t think her plight is any different from the other pows that were
captured.(She wasn’t even the only woman. I remember another woman,
who was black, who was captured and held. Why doesn’t she have a book
or a movie coming out?) There are alot of soldiers who will be coming
home with battle scars that won’t heal. Some won’t make it home at all.
Treating Jessica Lynch as a "rambo" like hero is too disrespectful
for those soldiers that have paid the ultimate price in my book.

8:06pm Saturday Night EST


Wish for clear skies on Saturday because we should be in for a treat.
This will be a TOTAL lunar eclipse which is fairly rare. It is pretty
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Remember that a Lunar eclipse won’t cause damage to your eyes like
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