The Unabomber’s life in prison

The Smoking
has a fascinating story about the Unabomber’s time in prison.
They have a ton of letters he has written, mostly complaints, about
small problems in jail. The first one I read is his complaints about
the mail system they have there.
Here is a man who terrorized and killed people by the mail and he is
complaining about the way they handle outgoing mail.

Some other highlights is his complaining about being shortchanged a
1/2 pint of milk,
his fitness report,
and loud neighbors.
I especially liked how the missing 1/2 pint of milk turned into a 3
page correspondence.

He also receives love letters
from women. I will never understand people who send letters to serial
killers or anyone in prison for a high profile crime. What kind of guys
are they meeting that they think to themselves, "Hmmm John is a
nice guy but that Charlie Manson…WOW".

Zero Tolerance


A 14-year-old student disciplined for writing a fictional account
of a student who falls asleep in class and dreams of killing a teacher
is moving to another school, her father told CNN Thursday

Zero tolerance is basically saying "We are far too stupid to try
to figure out what is right and what is wrong so anybody who goes near
a grey area will pay the consequences". I am starting to get sick
of these stories where students are being arrested or expelled because
of doing a little creative writing. That is all it boils down to. There
is nothing wrong with writing about anything, no matter how horrible
it is. Writing about someone killing a teacher DOES NOT MEAN THAT SHE