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Ahhh October is here and my beloved Red Sox are in the playoffs for the first since ’99. Unfortunately the game is on at 10pm tonight. 10pm!!! Why in the world is it on that late? I understand that tonight’s game is in Oakland but still. It would have made more sense for it to start at 9pm at least so that people on Pacific Time could get home from work and watch it and those of us on EST could get to bed at a reasonable time.

If you think the start time is bad, I am dreading the announcers also. I can already picture the pregame show and how many times they will mention the curse of the bambino. Enough already!!

Here are the questions in no particular order I have about the Sox going into tonight’s game.

  • Will the lack of having any relief pitching kill them at the end of close games? I hate the idea of clinging to a 1 run lead and seeing Kim come running from the bullpen.
  • Will it the old adage hold up that good pitching beats good hitting?There really are no weak links in the Sox lineup. None.
  • Six players on the team have 25 or more homeruns. Six! Eight players have more than 80 runs batted in! Is there a pitcher in baseball that would want to pitch to this team? Imagine Tim Hudson getting to the bottom of the order and have to deal with Varitek and Nixon or whoever Grady bats down there?
  • Will Manny be able to hit in the post season finally? Will Nomar’s slump continue?

I guess most of these questions will be answered by 1am tomorrow morning. GO SOX!!

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