I Thought This was an Animatronic at First

I’ve been refraining from posting political content because after the last four years I am just completely burned out. Especially given how the season finale played out in January. I’ve avoided any post-presidency Trump news because I needed a month of not dry heaving at his voice. This is the first video I’ve seen of him since his Twitter ban at least and it is GLORIOUS.  I’m not sure what’s more fun* about this; a former president doing a weird standup act as an opener for a wedding band, or that the entire GOP still hangs on every single word and action that this festering garbage bag farts out to a crowd of dozens at a shitty resort.

*yes, I know this could easily bite me in the ass if the GOP figures out how to truly steal an election.

CEO fired after publicly ridiculing Tennessee teen over his prom dress

All this guy had to do was mind his own business and not attempt to ruin a couple’s night. It’s super easy to do. But assholes gotta sphincterate:

And now he’s out of a job after his bullying behavior went public. Good.

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — A CEO who publicly ridiculed a male high school senior who wore a dress to prom with his boyfriend has been fired by his Tennessee company.

Cell phone video taken Saturday and posted to several social media platforms shows Dalton Stevens, a senior at Franklin High School, being ridiculed by a man later identified as Sam Johnson, the then-CEO of a local telemedicine company, VisuWell.

Larry Kudlow Warns that Biden Intends for Us to Drink Plant-Based Beer

These Trump-based idiots ran the US for four years. I will never get over that: