Head of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs Will Host a Trump Fundraiser

I picked the wrong time to start limiting meat in my diet. I can’t really boycott Nathan’s now on purpose.

Howard Lorber, the executive chairman of New York City hot dog icon Nathan’s Famous, will host a fundraiser on Friday for President Donald Trump, Bloomberg reports.

The fundraiser will reportedly take place at Lorber’s Southampton home and include a roundtable with supporters and a luncheon, with proceeds benefiting Trump Victory, which is a joint committee for Trump’s 2020 campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Lorber and Trump are best buds, with the President last year calling Lorber one of his two best friends. The pair’s relationship goes back 30 years; the two traveled to Moscow in 1996 “to explore business opportunities.” Trump also named Lorber chairman of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council’s governing board and had him as an economic adviser to his presidential campaign. In addition to heading up Nathan’s, Lorber is also chief executive officer of the Vector Group, which owns Douglas Elliman Realty.

There’s already been backlash to the news on social media, with many people voicing the decision to switch to Hebrew National. Nathan’s is a now-global enterprise and the official hot dog of Major League Baseball, but it has its roots in Coney Island since 1916. The brand has not been family-owned since 1987.

Question of the Day

What are you reading?

I’m about halfway through the unabridged Robin Buss translation of The Count of Monte Cristo. Damn, that’s one hell of a book. I may have read the first part of it before but I think it was a bad translation and I gave up somewhere in the middle. I’m really enjoying this translation of it. Only about 600 pages left to go…

Before that was The Cabin at the End of the World which kept me guessing up to the end.

I’ve also been rereading some of Anthony Bourdain’s books. His writing makes me so happy but it’s still a bit too soon after his suicide for me and had to stop reading them because they were ultimately depressing me way too much. Sigh.

Charles Blow: Trump’s fans are so depraved that ‘n-word tape’ might make them love him more

Everything Charles Blow says here is dead on. At this point, Trump supporters are pot-committed. I don’t think it’s even worth wondering what it would take for them to turn at this point. Trump’s talent is being able to hold on to his supporters no matter how awful he becomes. If the Access Hollywood tape didn’t sink him right before the election, then nothing will. He keeps normalizing terrible to his supporters that every rung down is easier for him to go down.

This midterm election coming up in November is really the last chance we have of stopping him. If the Democrats don’t take something back then there is no chance at even putting a speed bump to slow down his dangerous and cruel administration.