Russia Backs Trump’s Re-election, and He Fears Democrats Will Exploit Its Support

Breaking from the NY Times:

WASHINGTON — Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected, five people familiar with the matter said, a disclosure to Congress that angered Mr. Trump, who complained that Democrats would use it against him.

The day after the Feb. 13 briefing to lawmakers, Mr. Trump berated Joseph Maguire, the outgoing acting director of national intelligence, for allowing it to take place, people familiar with the exchange said. Mr. Trump cited the presence in the briefing of Representative Adam B. Schiff, the California Democrat who led the impeachment proceedings against him, as a particular irritant.

Elizabeth Warren Destroys Billionaire in Front of a Live Audience

And that was just the opening. Warren really destroyed Bloomberg, who is by far the most repugnant Democratic candidate. I haven’t watched too many of the recent debates, since, well, there have been about 3,932 of them. But I made some time since we are starting to narrow down the field, and I wanted to see how Bloomberg did in his first debate. And, well, it did not go well for him:

Quick thoughts on each.
Warren: is my favorite, and has been since early on. I don’t quite understand why she did so poorly in NH but I’m hoping she’ll rebound in Vegas, and surge forward on Super Tuesday. She is a fighter and a leader. I think she would make a fantastic president and she would go after Trump harder than anybody else in the field.

Bernie: He just doesn’t seem to have that same energy he brought to 2016. He still has a strong presence but a lot of his popularity seems to be coming from the momentum he had in 2016, not anything he has done recently. He’s the front runner right now but of course he did well in NH, and Iowa… well. I’ll be curious to see how he does as more states come into play.

Mayor Pete: Meh. He’s polished. Seems to mostly know the right things to say but I don’t find him very sincere at this point. Not a personal favorite.

Klobuchar: I really don’t understand how she has made it this far and outlasted Harris but here we are. So far, the only thing she has inspired me to do is to make sure I have extra forks when I eat so I don’t need to resort to using a comb.

Biden: He’s looking….. old. Like when you haven’t seen an elderly relative in a while and then you do see them and it’s kind of a shock, ‘oh shit, Grandpa may have to go to a home soon’ kind of old. I don’t even know why he is running at this point.

Bloomberg: An egotistical dick who, if he receives the nomination, will put a lot of us in an ethical quandary on who to vote for in the general election. I mean, I guess at this point, one would have to vote for anybody who is against Trump, but Bloomberg is the stress test. You would be basically switching out jackasses but Bloomberg is actually competent. I would almost rather keep Trump as President as long as the Dems take the Senate and keep control of the House.

rump Offered Assange Pardon if He Covered Up Russian Hack, WikiLeaks Founder’s Lawyer Claims

Holy shit. This is huge if true. And, this certainly does sound like something Trump would do:

LONDON—President Trump offered to pardon Julian Assange if he agreed to cover up the involvement of Russia in hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee, which were later published by WikiLeaks, a London court was told Wednesday.

Lawyers acting for Assange have argued that the Australian should not be extradited to the U.S. because the case is political not criminal.

Edward Fitzgerald, Assange’s lawyer, said Wednesday that a message had been passed on to Assange by former Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

Fitzgerald said a statement produced by Assange’s lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, showed “Mr Rohrabacher going to see Mr Assange and saying, on instructions from the president, he was offering a pardon or some other way out, if Mr Assange… said Russia had nothing to do with the DNC leaks.”

The Correct Answer is He is Wronger

Reclining seats (especially during a day flight) are really just horribly designed. I hate, hate, hate, when the person in front of me reclines because my already limited space becomes completely obsolete at that point and I have the back of a seat at my nose. I don’t recline my seat because I wouldn’t want to do that to the person behind me.

But punching someone’s seat for the rest of the flight because of it is being a gigantic ass at the very least and is even more shitty than the recliner. So the lesson, as always, is everything is awful.